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A Watermark Algorithm Against De-Synchronization Attacks

Viet Nguyen Luong and Nhat Tien Trinh and Van Canh Ho (2016) A Watermark Algorithm Against De-Synchronization Attacks. VNU Journal of Computer Science and Communication Engineering, 32 (2). pp. 49-62. ISSN 0866-8612

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In this paper, a robust method to the ability of the watermark to resist against attacks is proposed for hiding information into images. The proposed method is blind because the original image is not required at the decoder to recover the embedded data. The robustness of the watermarking scheme is inspired by using a PJND (Pyramidal Just Noticeable Difference) model and the message is inserted into these DoG (Difference of Gaussians) [1, 2]. Our proposal takes into account three main characteristics of Human Visual System, namely: contrast sensitivity, luminance adaptation and contrast marking. Therefore, it not only provides an invisible and robust watermarking but also optimizes watermarking capacity. The performance of the proposed technique is evaluated by a series of experiments with different input images. In terms of transparency, besides using the subjective experiments, eight objective metrics are calculated in comparison with other methods such as PSNR, MSSIM, SVDm, etc. Our approach always presents the outperform values. In terms of robustness, many kinds of attacks from global transformation (rotation, scaling, etc) to local transformation (stirmark, checkmark benchmarks, de-synchronization attacks) are implemented. Many image processing tools are applied to simulate the attacks such as Print-Screen, Using Photo editing software, Camcorder, Print-Scan, etc. The experimental results show an outstanding robustness in resisting these attacks.

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