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Nonlinear thermal stability of eccentrically stiffened FGM double curved shallow shells

Tran, Quoc Quan and Nguyen, Dinh Duc (2017) Nonlinear thermal stability of eccentrically stiffened FGM double curved shallow shells. Journal of Thermal Stresses, 40 . pp. 211-236. ISSN 0149-5739

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This article presents analytical solutions for the nonlinear static and dynamic stability of imperfect eccentrically stiffened functionally graded material (FGM) higher order shear deformable double curved shallow shell on elastic foundations in thermal environments. It is assumed that the shell’s properties depend on temperature and change according to the power functions of the shell thickness. The shell is reinforced by the eccentrically longitudinal and transversal stiffeners made of full metal. Equilibrium, motion, and compatibility equations are derived using Reddy’s higher order shear deformation shell theory and taking into account the effects of initial geometric imperfection and the thermal stress in both the shells and stiffeners. The Galerkin method is applied to determine load–deflection and deflection–time curves. For the dynamical response, motion equations are numerically solved using Runge–Kutta method. The nonlinear dynamic critical buckling loads are found according to the criterion suggested by Budiansky–Roth. The influences of inhomogeneous parameters, dimensional parameters, stiffeners, elastic foundations, initial imperfection, and temperature increment on the nonlinear static and dynamic stability of thick FGM double curved shallow shells are discussed in detail. Results for various problems are included to verify the accuracy and efficiency of the approach.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Engineering Mechanics
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Divisions: Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation (FEMA)
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Date Deposited: 25 Dec 2017 04:00
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