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A Spatial-temporal 3D Human Pose Reconstruction Framework

Nguyen, Xuan Thanh and Ngo, Thi Duyen and Le, Thanh Ha (2018) A Spatial-temporal 3D Human Pose Reconstruction Framework. Journal of Information Processing Systems . ISSN 1976-913X (Submitted)

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3D human pose reconstruction from single-view camera is a difficult and challenging topic. Many approaches have been proposed, but almost focus on frame-by-frame independently while inter-frames are highly correlated in a pose sequence. In contrast, we introduce a novel spatial-temporal 3D reconstruction framework that leverages both intra and inter frame relationships in consecutive 2D pose sequences. Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP) algorithm, pre-trained Pose-angle Limits and Temporal Models have been implemented. We quantitatively compare our framework with recent works on CMU motion capture dataset and Vietnamese traditional dance sequences. Our method outperforms others with 10 percent lower of Euclidean reconstruction error and robustness against Gaussian noise. Additionally, it is also important to mention that our reconstructed 3D pose sequences are smoother and more natural than others

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Information Technology (IT)
Divisions: Faculty of Information Technology (FIT)
Depositing User: Ngô Th� Duyên
Date Deposited: 12 Dec 2018 03:11
Last Modified: 12 Dec 2018 03:11

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