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Robust Angular Rate Sensor Based on Corona Discharge Ion Wind

Phan, Hoa Thanh and Dinh, Thien Xuan and Bui, Phong Nhu and Tran, Canh-Dung and Bui, Thanh Tung and Dau, Van Thanh (2018) Robust Angular Rate Sensor Based on Corona Discharge Ion Wind. In: 2018 IEEE 13th Annual International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems (NEMS).

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A new design of a jet flow gyroscope is developed by employing the advantages of a corona-discharge-based jet flow. Ion wind is generated by applying a high-voltage between a pin, as the discharge electrode, and a ring, as the reference electrode. When the gyroscope is subjected to an angular rate, the induced Coriolis force deflects the ion wind. This deflection is detected using four hotwires installed downstream of the working chamber behind the reference electrode. Both the experimental and numerical study have been conducted to study the phenomenon. The results show that the angular rate can be detected with a sensitivity of above $15 \mu \textV/^\circ/\texts$. Because ion wind can be generated with minimum power and does not require any vibrating components, the device is robust, consumes low power, and cost-effective.

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