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Effects of Led Light Intensityand Carbon Dioxide Concentration on the Growthof Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) in a Plant Factory

Nguyen, K.L. and Pham, Chau Thuy Effects of Led Light Intensityand Carbon Dioxide Concentration on the Growthof Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) in a Plant Factory. VNU Journal of Science: Natural Sciences and Technology .

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In this study, the effects of light intensity and the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration on spinach’s growth during vegetative stage in a plant factory (PF)was investigated. Twoexperiments were conducted with different CO2concentration in closed chamber (500 ppm and 800 ppm). In each experiment, plants were hydroponically grown under three light intensities of L1:115 μmol.m-2s-1, L2: 140 μmol.m-2s-1and L3: 160 μmol.m-2s-1. Growth’s parameters were determined at different growth stages (T30, T37 and T44 respectively to 30, 37 and 44 days after sowing). The results showed that, before 30 days old, the increase of light intensity was not significantly effected to the growth of plant. During later growing periods (30 days old afterward), the increase of light intensity remarkably boost up yield’s related traits such as leaf number, fresh mass and dry mass under 500ppm CO2concentration. At T37, fresh weigh increased 2.1 and2.4 times when increasing light intensity from L1 to L2 and from L1 to L3, respectively.The combination of light intensity and CO2concentration at 800ppm showed the plant growth indicators increased significantly at the T37 and T44 stages (after 30 days old), especially atthe last week of growth period, fresh weight and dry weight of plants were significantly different at the light treatment L2, increased 37.5% and 57.6%, respectively as compared to light treament only. The results suggested that, during latest growing period, the average light intensity of140 μmol.m-2s-1combining with elevating CO2concentration is an alternatively way to enhance spinach growth. The findings of this study could be helpful for growers to improve growthconditions fora better development of spinach in the indoor farming (PF).

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Agriculture Technology
Divisions: Center for Electronics and Telecommunications Research (CETR)
Center of Multidisciplinary Integrated Technologies for Field Monitoring (FIMO)
Faculty of Agriculture Technology (FAT)
Depositing User: Nguy�n Lê Khanh
Date Deposited: 15 Jun 2023 04:10
Last Modified: 15 Jun 2023 04:10

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