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Large Magnetostrictive Susceptibility in Tb2013 FeCo/FeCo Multilayers

Duc, N.H. and Danh, T.M. and Tuan, N. A. and Teillet, J. (2001) Large Magnetostrictive Susceptibility in Tb2013 FeCo/FeCo Multilayers. Applied Physics Letters, 78 (23). pp. 3648-3650.

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Tb(Fe0.55Co0.45)1.5/Fen and Tb(Fe0.55Co0.45)1.5/(Fe0.5Co0.5n multilayers were fabricated by rf-magnetron sputtering from composite targets. Magnetostriction was measured using an optical deflectometer. The as-deposited films showed a soft magnetic and magnetostrictive character, with a coercive field μ0Hc=5 mT and a parallel magnetostrictive susceptibility χλ||=dλ||/d(μ0H)=1.4×10-2 T-1. This magnetostrictive softness was strongly improved by heat treatments: the magnetostrictive susceptibility attains the huge value of 5×10-2 T-1 in applied field of 6 mT. The low-field dependence of the magnetostrictive susceptibility and their technical characters are described in detail. © 2001 American Institute of Physics.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: cobalt alloys;coercive force;ferromagnetic materials;heat treatment;iron alloys;magnetic multilayers;magnetostriction;soft magnetic materials;sputtered coatings;terbium alloys;7550Bb;7560Ej;7570Cn;7580+q;8140Gh;8140Rs
Subjects: ?? Nano ??
Engineering Physics
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering Physics and Nanotechnology (FEPN)
Depositing User: Prof. Xuan-Tu Tran
Date Deposited: 27 Mar 2013 06:17
Last Modified: 29 Jun 2013 04:34

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