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Microfluidic Injector Simulation With FSAW Sensor for 3-D Integration

Bui, Thu Hang and Bui, Duc Tung and Chu, Duc Trinh (2015) Microfluidic Injector Simulation With FSAW Sensor for 3-D Integration. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measuremen, 64 (4). 849 -856. ISSN 0018-9456

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This paper presents a possible creation of the optimized liquid sensors for the inkjet nozzles. The proposed focused surface acoustic wave (FSAW) device utilizing aluminum nitride (AlN) single crystal as the piezoelectric substrate is based on the pressure variation due to the continuous droplet ejector. The design, specification, and numerical simulation results are described. Comparisons between the output response of the conventional and concentric structures indicate a more efficient operation of the multiple-segment focused interdigital transducer (FIDT) structure. According to the angular spectrum of the plane wave theory, the amplitude field of FIDTs is calculated through that of straight interdigital transducers. The 3-D integrated model of the FSAW device has a number of advantages, such as the enhancement of the surface displacement amplitudes and an easier fabrication. It is able to detect the breakup appearance of the liquid in the droplet formation process. For the piezoelectric substrate AlN, it is compatible with the CMOS fabrication technology, leading to an inexpensive and reliable system. Moreover, for the proposed FIDTs with multiple straight segments, the acoustic energy is more optimized and focused near the center of the inkjet nozzle. The droplet generation process begins at an output voltage of roughly 0.074 V within 0.25 μs, and the background level of the attenuation of both the mechanical and electrical energy

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