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TCP Enhancements and Performance over Networks with Wireless Links

Nguyen, Dinh Viet (2002) TCP Enhancements and Performance over Networks with Wireless Links. Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics (2). pp. 187-200. ISSN 1813-9663

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Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) uses end-to-end flow, congestion, and error control mechanisms to provide reliable delivery over the Internet. During many years of extensive use in inter-networks, all weak-points of TCP are discovered and tuned, so that it performs very well in traditional network (wired network). However, inter-networks growth explosively and may consist of networks with wireless links characterized by high and sporadic bit error rate and intermittent connectivity due to handoff. TCP performance is degraded severely in such networks. Many studies have been carrying out to improve the performance of TCP in networks with wireless links. Some solutions are proposed and implemented. This paper presents four main issues: Congestion avoidance and control mechanisms implemented in traditional TCP protocol; Step-by-step enhancements in traditional TCP; Characteristics of wireless links degrade TCP performance severely; and mechanisms to enhance TCP performance over network with wireless links.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Information Technology (IT)
Divisions: Faculty of Information Technology (FIT)
Depositing User: Việt Nguyễn Đình
Date Deposited: 14 Jun 2018 07:10
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