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Effects of nitrogen incorporation on structure of a-C:H films deposited on polycarbonate by plasma CVD

Nguyễn, Cường/ Kiên and Tahara, M. and Yamauchi,, N. and Sone, T. (2005) Effects of nitrogen incorporation on structure of a-C:H films deposited on polycarbonate by plasma CVD. Surface & Coating Technology, 193 . pp. 283-287. ISSN 0257-8972

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Nitrogen-incorporated-hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-C:H:N) films were deposited on polycarbonate (PC) substrates by r.f. plasmaenhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Effects of nitrogen incorporation on microstructure, bonding states, chemical composition, internal stresses, and friction coefficients of deposited films were investigated. The films were characterized by X-ray photoelectron microscopy, infrared microscopy (IR), Raman spectroscopy and friction tests. Results from the measurement indicate that incorporated nitrogen content has considerable effects on film properties. Raman spectra of the a-C:H:N films are broad, asymmetric and centered at around wavenumber of 1500 cm-1. Shifting of the G-peak toward the higher wavenumber, narrower bandwidth of the G-peak and an increase of the ID/IG ratio demonstrate the graphitic character of the a-C:H:N films with the further increase of the atomic fraction of nitrogen (N/C). IR spectra demonstrate nitrogen bonded to carbon and hydrogen as CZN, CMN, N–H and C–H bonding configurations in the aC:H:N films. The internal stress considerably decreased as well as the friction coefficient is low when the N/C fraction increased. The surface roughness of the a-C:H:N films estimated by atomic force microscopy (AFM) seems to be less smooth with the increase in the N/C fraction. Keywords: Nitrogen incorporation; a-C:H:N films; Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD); Polycarbonate

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