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Minor hysteresis patterns with a rounded/sharpened reversing behavior in ferromagnetic multilayer

Quach, Duy Truong and Pham, Duc Thang and Ngo, Duc The and Phan, The Long and Park, Seung-Young and Lee, Sang-Hyuk and Kim, Dong-Hyun (2018) Minor hysteresis patterns with a rounded/sharpened reversing behavior in ferromagnetic multilayer. Scientific Reports, 8 . p. 4461. ISSN 2045-2322

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Hysteresis of ferromagnetic system exhibits a fundamental stimulus-response behavior, thereby casting all the important macromagnetic system parameters such as coercivity, nucleation feld, saturation magnetization, and hysteresis loss. Recently, increasing attention has been paid to exploration of relatively less understood minor loop behavior, since faster operation of magnetic devices is inevitably accompanied by minor hysteresis behavior from cycling among unsaturated ferromagnetic states. Here, we report our microscopic investigation of unusual minor hysteresis loop behavior, represented by rounded or sharpened response of minor hysteresis loop of (CoFeB/Pd)4 multilayer flm. It is observed that rounded and sharpened response in the minor hysteresis response could be manifested under proper conditions. The minor loop behavior has been systematically investigated by direct microscopic magnetic domain observation using magneto-optical Kerr microscopy. The rounded response of magnetization at the reversing external feld along the minor hysteresis curve, so far neglected or considered as one of ‘unusual’ behaviors, has been found to be elaborately controllable by tuning the reversing feld strength and the feld sweep rate for multilayers with low repeat numbers. Variable roundedness of the minor hysteresis loop is understandable based on the analysis of magnetic domain dynamics such as domain nucleation and the domain wall velocity.

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