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Classifying Non-elementary Movements in Vietnamese Mo Dances

Bourahla, Mustapha and Telli, Abdelmoutia and Benferhat, Salem and Ma, Thi Chau (2019) Classifying Non-elementary Movements in Vietnamese Mo Dances. In: Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management: Modelling the Human Body and Motion. Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

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This paper proposes a method to classify non-elementary movements in Vietnamese dances. This classification method uses an OWL ontology called VDM (Vietnamese Dance Movements) recently developed by the authors. The VDM defines a taxonomy of dance move- ment classes and their relationships for the traditional Vietnamese dances taking into account the semantics of its art and its cultural anthropol- ogists. The VDM terminology describes elementary movements (poses) as a dataset ontology importing the ontology VDM. These poses are results of dance sequences segmentation (using segmentation techniques). In this paper, we support the initial ontology VDM by complex classification rules written with SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language, which is the OWL complementary language) to classify non-elementary movements. The objective is to entail classes of movement phrases, which are non-elementary basic movements with complete meaning and illustrated using M ̃o dances. The classification result is the initial dataset VDM ontology augmented with class descriptions of non-elementary movements, which can be queried using the query language SQWRL (Semantic Query Web-enhanced Rule Language).

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