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Nonlinear Vibration of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composite Truncated Conical Shells in Thermal Environment

    This paper is concerned with the nonlinear vibration and dynamic response of carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforced composite truncated conical shells resting on elastic foundations in a thermal environment. The material properties of shells are assumed to be temperature-dependent and graded in the thickness direction according to various linear functions. The nonlinear equations of motion are expressed in the form of two-component deflection function and solved by the analytical method. Detailed studies for the influences of various types of distribution and volume fractions of CNTs, geometrical parameters, Winkler and Pasternak elastic foundations on the dynamic response and nonlinear vibration of CNT polymer composite truncated conical shells are examined and the comparison study is carried out to verify the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method.

    Published: 7 October 2019

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