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Structural, Optical, Ferroelectric and Ferromagnetic Properties of Bi1xGdxFeO3 Materials

Bui, Dinh Tu (2020) Structural, Optical, Ferroelectric and Ferromagnetic Properties of Bi1xGdxFeO3 Materials. Journal of Electronic Materials, 49 (7). pp. 4443-4449. ISSN 0361-5235

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Bi1xGdxFeO3 (BGFO) (x = 0.00 7 0.15) materials were prepared by a sol-gel method. The effect of Gd doping on the structural, ferromagnetic, and ferroelectric properties of BiFeO3 (BFO) were analyzed using x-ray diffraction, Raman scattering, energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, ferroelectric hysteresis loop and magnetic hysteresis loop measurements. All samples showed a rhombohedral structure of the perovskite type. The a and c lattice parameters decreased with Gd content, obeying Vegard’s law, from 5.583 A˚ to 5.511 A˚ , and from 13.869 A˚ to 13.741 A˚ , respectively. The optical band gap (Eg) also decreased with Gd content, from 2.02 eV to 1.60 eV at x = 0.00 to x = 0.15, respectively. The ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties of the BGFO materials were enhanced compared with those of the pure BFO material. Maximum saturation polarization (Ps) and saturation magnetization (Ms) values of 6.88 lC/cm2 and 0.386 emu/g were obtained. We found that the optimum Gd doping content to enhance multiferroic properties of BFO material is in range from x = 0.10 to x = 0.125. The origin of ferromagnetic and ferroelectric properties of BGFO materials were also discussed.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Engineering Physics
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Divisions: Faculty of Engineering Physics and Nanotechnology (FEPN)
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Date Deposited: 11 Dec 2020 01:38
Last Modified: 23 Dec 2020 03:15

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