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Towards Robust Cognitive 3D Brain-inspired Cross-paradigm System

Abdallah, Abderazek Ben and Dang, Nam Khanh Towards Robust Cognitive 3D Brain-inspired Cross-paradigm System. Frontiers in Neuroscience . (In Press)

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Spiking Neuromorphic systems have been introduced as promising platforms for energy-efficient spiking neural network (SNNs) execution. SNNs incorporate neuronal and synaptic states in addition to the variant time scale into their computational model. Since each neuron in these networks is connected to many others, high bandwidth is required. Moreover, since the spike times are used to encode information in SNN, a precise communication latency is also needed, although SNN is tolerant to the spike delay variation in some limits when it is seen as a whole. The two-dimensional packet-switched network-on-chip was proposed as a solution to provide a scalable interconnect fabric in large-scale spike-based neural networks. The 3D-ICs have also attracted a lot of attention as a potential solution to resolve the interconnect bottleneck. Combining these two emerging technologies provides a new horizon for IC design to satisfy the high requirements of low power and small footprint in emerging AI applications. Moreover, although fault-tolerance is a natural feature of biological systems, integrating many computation and memory units into neuromorphic chips confronts the reliability issue, where a defective part can affect the overall system's performance. This paper presents R-NASH - a reliable three-dimensional digital neuromorphic system geared explicitly toward the 3D-ICs biological brain's three-dimensional structure, where information in the network is represented by sparse patterns of spike timing and learning is based on the local spike-timing-dependent plasticity rule. Our platform enables high integration density and small spike delay of spiking networks and features a scalable design. R-NASH is a design based on the Through-Silicon-Via technology, facilitating spiking neural network implementation on clustered neurons based on Network-on-Chip. We provide a memory interface with the host CPU, allowing for online training and inference of spiking neural networks. Moreover, R-NASH supports fault recovery with graceful performance degradation.

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