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Genome-Wide Identification and Analysis of Genes Encoding Putative Heat Shock Protein 70 in Papaya (Carica papaya)

Le, Thi Man and Tran, Thi Thanh Huyen and Vu, Xuan Quyen and Chu, Duc Ha and Pham, Chau Thuy and Le, Thi Ngoc Quynh and La, Viet Hong and Cao, Phi Bang (2022) Genome-Wide Identification and Analysis of Genes Encoding Putative Heat Shock Protein 70 in Papaya (Carica papaya). Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences . ISSN 1028-8880

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Background and Objective: In high plants, the 70 kDa heat stress proteins (Hsp70-s) have been regarded as one of the vital components of the cellular network of chaperones and folding catalysts that play important roles in numerous biological processes during growth and development. The Hsp70 families have been reported in many plant species, unfortunately, no information on this important protein family in papaya (Carica papaya). The objective of this study was to provide comprehensive information on the CpHsp70 family in papaya. Materials and Methods: The CpHsp70 genes in the papaya genome were identified by a basic local alignment search tool against the papaya genome database by using well-known Arabidopsis Hsp70-s. Sequences were then analyzed by various bioinformatics tools to investigate the characteristics of the CpHsp70 family. Results: A total of 12 members of the CpHsp70 family has been identified and characterized in papaya. By using various computational tools, these results revealed that all general characteristics of the CpHsp70 family, like physic-chemical parameters, gene structure, phylogenetic tree and subcellular localization were provided. The transcriptome atlas was applied to re-analyze the expression patterns of genes encoding the CpHsp70 family in major tissues/organs during the growth and development of papaya plants. Conclusion: Results from this work exhibited the characteristics and expression analysis of the CpHsp70 genes of this important tropical fruit crop. Taken together, this study could provide a solid foundation of the CpHsp70 family, which will be helpful in the construction of stress tolerance in papaya plants

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Subjects: Agriculture Technology
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Divisions: Faculty of Agriculture Technology (FAT)
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Date Deposited: 22 Aug 2022 03:57
Last Modified: 22 Aug 2022 03:57

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