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Fabrication and Investigation of Flexible Strain Sensor for Sign Language Recognition System

Tran Nhu, Chi and Nguyen Dang, Phu and Nguyen Thi, Thanh Van and Tran Thi, Thuy Ha and Dau, Thanh Van and Bui, Thanh Tung (2021) Fabrication and Investigation of Flexible Strain Sensor for Sign Language Recognition System. In: The 6th International Conference on Engineering Mechanics and Automation (ICEMA 6), October 15�16, 2021, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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In this study, an ultra-stretchable and highly sensitive strain sensor is successfully fabricated by 3D printing technology with a mixture of aqueous sodium chloride and silicone rubber. This strain sensor has dimensions of 50x10x10 mm, with a fluidic channel (6 mm) inside. The physical and mechanical properties of sensor were characterized by gauge factor measurement. Experimental results show that the resistance of the sensor changes when an external force deforms the ionic liquid shell; exhibiting impressive stretchability with wide range strain (100%), good bending properties and high sensitivity with a stable gauge factor of 2.1. Besides, the sensor also is investigated with a vertical pressing force. Initially, the resistance of the sensor increase slowly and it then jump rapidly to the saturation value at the force of 40 N. For application of sensor, the proposed sensor is applied to recognize the sign language through attaching five strain sensors on the fingers. The obtained result shows the sensor can detect the movement of the fingers and convert 10 letters of sign language into the voice with high accuracy, about 98%. On the other hand, the result also demonstrates the proposed sensor has high potential in healthcare, human motion monitoring and electronic skin.

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