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A Novel Independently Biased 3-Stack GaN HEMT Configuration for Efficient Design of Microwave Amplifiers

Nguyen Huy, Hoang and Luong Duy, Manh and Bach Gia, Duong (2019) A Novel Independently Biased 3-Stack GaN HEMT Configuration for Efficient Design of Microwave Amplifiers. MDPI Applied Sciences, 9 (7). p. 1510. ISSN 2076-3417

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Abstract: The power amplifier (PA) and low-noise amplifier (LNA) are the most critical components of transceiver systems including radar, mobile communications, satellite communications, etc. While the PA is the key component of the transmitter (TX), the LNA is the key component of the receiver (RX) of the transceiver system. It is pointed out that traditional design approaches for both the LNA and PA face challenging drawbacks. When designing an LNA, the power gain and noise figure of the LNA are difficult to improve simultaneously. For PA design, it indicates that efficiency and linearity of the PA are also hard to improve simultaneously. This study aims to surmount this by proposing a novel independently biased 3-stack GaN high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) configuration for efficient design of both PA and LNA for next generation wireless communication systems. By employing an independently biased technique, the proposed configuration can offer superior performance at both small-signal (SS) for LNA design and large-signal (LS) for PA design compared with other typical circuit configurations. Simulation results show that by utilizing an adaptive bias control of each transistor of the proposed configuration, both power gain and noise figure can be improved simultaneously for the LNA design. Moreover, efficiency and linearity can be also improved at the same time for the PA design. Compared results with other typical configurations including a single-stage, conventional cascode, independentlybiasedcascode,andconventional3-stackrevealsthattheproposedconfigurationexhibits superior advantages at both SS and LS operation. Keywords: GaN HEMT; independently biased; microwave engineering; RF circuit design; low-noise amplifier; power amplifier

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Electronics and Communications > Electronics and Computer Engineering
Divisions: Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (FET)
Depositing User: Bạch Gia Dương
Date Deposited: 04 May 2019 12:59
Last Modified: 04 May 2019 12:59

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