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A Dynamic-Clustering Backup Scheme for High-Availability Distributed File Sharing Systems

Nguyen, Hoai Son and Nguyen, Dinh Nghia and Sugawara, Shinji (2019) A Dynamic-Clustering Backup Scheme for High-Availability Distributed File Sharing Systems. IEICE Transactions on Communications, E102-B (3). pp. 545-556. ISSN 0916-8516

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DHT routing algorithms can provide efficient mechanisms for resource placement and lookup for distributed file sharing systems. However, we must still deal with irregular and frequent join/leave of nodes and the problem of load unbalancing between nodes in DHT-based file sharing systems. This paper presents an efficient file backup scheme based on dynamic DHT key space clustering in order to guarantee data availability and support load balancing. The main idea of our method is to dynamically divide the DHT network into a number of clusters, each of which locally stores and maintains data chunks of data files to guarantee the data availability of user data files even when node churn occurs. Further, high-capacity nodes in clusters are selected as backup nodes to achieve adequate load balancing. Simulation results demonstrate the superior effectiveness of the proposed scheme over other file replication schemes.

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